What is better, commerce or arts for 11th and 12th grade?

Aug 17, 2023
Caspian Rutherford
What is better, commerce or arts for 11th and 12th grade?

Unveiling the Rivalry: Commerce or Arts for Grade 11 and 12

In our household, every dinner becomes a debate podium, with Esme and I entertaining the everlasting rivalry, Arts vs Commerce. As parents of Orla and Leonard who've just entered 11th and 12th grade, we are consistently scanning the horizon to identify what's best for our children's future. Let's dismantle this giant of a question together, with both Esme and I having a foot in both the worlds, and help you decipher: Commerce or Arts for 11th and 12th grade?

Unmasking the Mystique: Falling in Love with Commerce

I remember donning a handsome navy suit and crisp white shirt, stepping into the world of 'cost and returns', 'profit and loss', like a knight entering the arena. Trading numbers like wishful hopes and dreams, it was a time of discovery, agility, and hard-learned lessons. Wandering the landscapes of commerce during school gave me a substantial overview of how businesses operate and how money circulates. And trust Esme Pritchard to never let me live down the day I stumbled through my first ever presentation only to be saved by my well-prepared notes.

Both our children, Orla and Leonard, get to see their old man flexing his analytical muscles while catching up on market trends. Commerce, entwined with math and managerial nuances, isn't just about crunching numbers. Rather, it offers the quintessential blend of analysis, creativity, and strategy — something that's not restricted to textbooks or classrooms.

The Noble Art: Why Fall for Arts?

While I was crunching numbers, Esme, a luminary in the Arts, stepped onto the well-trodden path of history, literature, anthropology and psychology. A living, breathing lesson of how Arts provide an understanding of various cultures, evoking emotions, and imprinting impressions.

Orla and Leonard are lucky to have both our perspectives. Their mother recounts tales that seem to breathe on paper, making history grip in fascinating stories while psychology open ups a world of understanding human behavior. Arts reveal a panorama of human life, and there's beauty in each stroke as you sketch cultures and civilizations, literature and lingual intricacies through time.

Time To Decide: What's Your Pick?

Whether it's unwrapping the mystery of an ancient civilization, delving into a well-crafted literature piece, or solving an intricate and convoluted financial problem, both Commerce and Arts forge different yet equally alluring paths. To choose between them could be bewildering.

But it all comes down to 'passion'. We often tell Orla and Leonard – follow your heart (backed by a good amount of logical thinking and future planning). If you are besotted by numbers and are captivated by the corporate world, Commerce can be an enticing avenue. On the flip side, if you are impassioned about understanding life, love, emotions, cultures and societies, Arts could be your soulmate!

Unleashing the Hybrid: The Confluence of Arts and Commerce

Ever imagined, can commerce and arts go hand in hand? Sounds like an impossible blend, right? However, let me tell you an interesting tidbit. The world today is leaning towards a hybrid model of education. Courses are being designed wherein the students can tailor their curriculum, picking up commerce and arts subjects as per their interest.

An accountant somewhere might be moonlighting as a linguist while a historian could also be masterfully navigating the stock markets. It's an open field out there, and the lines are blurring. The future seems open to marrying these contrasting fields and creating something truly beautiful. Who knows, Orla and Leonard might come to lead this change someday!

Reveling in the Decision: Your Path to Beautiful Possibilities

Orla and Leonard are on their path of discovery, and Esme and I are there to guide and support them, just like you are for your children. Keep in mind that it's their love for what they do that will see them soar high, be it in the field of commerce or arts.

Don't worry about the decision giving you sleepless nights because at the end of the day, both commerce and arts are beautiful, rewarding fields. Both present numerous opportunities for growth, self-expression, and making a difference in the world. Let your kids take the reins and let the journey commence. Here's to Arts, Commerce and the pursuit of happiness!