What is a Black Hole and what are the properties of the black hole?

Black Hole

The black hole is nothing but a particular region in the space which has its gravitational force so strong that nothing can be saved from it. It can easily pull the particle and even electromagnetic radiation such as the light. The formation of the black hole is explained in the theory of general relativity, according to which the spacetime might have been deformed due to the compact mass in the sufficient amount which ultimately resulted in the formation of the black hole. Karl Schwarzschild in 1916 claimed and characterized the black hole with the help of the theory of general relativity.

What is the history?

A body such as the black hole must have the density as same as of the sun and must have been formed at a distance of about factorial of 500 from the only star of a milky-way galaxy called as the sun and the surface beyond the event horizon must escape the velocity equal to the speed of light. All these assumptions were printed by John Michellin in November 1784 in a letter claiming the character of the black hole.

The scientists also have made assumptions on the fact that if the light is not a wave but the corpuscles, then there is no valid reason for the black hole escaping the light. In the letter, John Michell also has written about the explanation of how light escape inside the black hole and according to him, it is simply light ray shooting on the surface of the supermassive star whose speed is slow down because of the gravity of the star and then it fell freely on the surface of the star.

What are the properties and structures of the black hole

It is to be assumed and believed that after becoming stable, the black hole attained these three qualities as such the mass, charge, and also the angular momentum. The features are so noted in the properties and characters of the black hole because they can be noticed outside the black hole. With the help of Gauss’s law, it is easy to find the mass of the black hole. When an object is thrown inside the black hole then no information can be noticed by the outsider. The black hole is time irreversible in nature and thus at the microscopic level, the friction and resistivity can easily be noticed unlike other theories related to the fields.


From the above article, it might be possible to conclude what exactly is the history behind the black hole and how mysterious this region is. The black hole has its own properties and features as observed by an outsider or else it is featureless and the only black in color capable of escaping everything from a small particle to the strong electromagnetism radiation and even the light. We highly hope that you might be able to know all about the black hole with the help of this article.


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