Sonos Arc Soundbar Review

Sonos Arc Soundbar Review

The Sonos Arc Soundbar is very easy to set up and it is very easy for one to assemble it and does not require any rocket science or have such skills to do it. Also, it is user friendly which means anyone can use it very easily. It is supremely capable and comfortable to be placed at home and has the quality which is very rare to find. It contains the Dolby atoms that are very convincing and dynamic. Moreover, it is light in weight and portable in nature so that you can easily carry it from one place to the other and also has the detailing work done in it. It will give you a very good experience to remember but still the projection of the music is not that well as expected and on the specs of your TV sets, it is proved to be highly reliable.

How is the Sonos Arc Soundbar built?

The Soundbar is built according to the size of the TV set which is usually bigger in appearance for about 114 cm and the normal TV has the screen of about 42 inches but your product will go well with the 55 inch TV and is also wider in size for about 90 cm when compared with the outgoing play bar. Your Soundbar can easily be connected by the HDMI, optical, and even the ethernet and using the Arc of eArc. It can easily support the format of the surroundings such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Digital, and has no Bluetooth but the number of the AirPlay is 2.

What are the features?

For the wire connection, your Soundbar has the power socket where the Ethernet can be connected through and it is located at the back of the Arc and it can also be used for the single HDMI port. In case, if you have got the older TV then an optical adapter is also given to fulfill the mission of producing the sound from your Television to the arc by making use of the HDMI and also the Arc.

The signals from the Dolby Atmos from the TV can be easily handled through the support of eArc and an efficient outcome can be given. The Dolby Atmos consists of at least 25 various apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV to stream on the TV and this is one of the main reasons why it is more popular among the youths.


If you want a sound of rare quality coming out from TV at a low budget, then the Sonos Arc Soundbar is the beautiful option you can consider to buy. We highly hope that this article might have helped you in having all the possible knowledge you can get about the Sonos Arc Soundbar and also must consider the features that you must look for before buying it according to your preference.


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