BMW 8 Series 2020 Review

BMW 8 Series 2020

The new 8 series of the BMW car is leading on the 6th rank and has the twin-turbo V-8 which is terrific in nature and the interior is very elegant in looks and the riding quality is also enhanced than the other one. There are fewer numbers that you will be making with this new 8 series of the BMW car and is also designed with the materials of high quality. Along with that there are many considerations of this car as such the backseat attached to it is somehow useless and the headroom is very poor in quality and the visibility is also rear. But you will definitely get an experience that is good to remember whenever you will drive it or sit in it.

What are the properties of the BMW 8 Series?

This new series of the BMW car has the ability to build the grand tourer of very top-notch quality. This car is worth its price and is as valuable as the money you will pay for it. It has to offer you a ride with smoothness and all quite easily and are also available in the form of a coupe or you can say the convertible along with two doors that are big in size. The interior is spacious in nature and has enough space to fit a large body inside it but the roofline is sloping in looks which act as an obstacle for the back view mirror.

What are the new features added to the BMW 8 Series?

This new series is less expensive in price and will give you high experiences to remember for last and along with that, the 840i model is also less powerful. It is available in the form of the coupe or convertible in the market which means that it makes use of the twin-turbo of version 8 which gives it the power of about 350 horsepower and also the torque of about 360 pounds per feet. This series can easily hook up to the automatic transmission of the eight-speed and is also attached with the feature of all rear or all drive whichever to choose according to your preference.

What about the engine power, transmission and also the performance of the BMW 8 series?

The engine power is very strong with 360 horsepower and has the powertrains that are responsive in nature so that it can easily give you control on the high speed and you do not drive fast over the speed limit. Along with the acceleration of the car, even the soundtrack is so impressive and has a great efficiency of the performance.


The BMW 8 Series is not only powerful and gives you a smooth ride but also is less expensive and worth its price. We highly hope that this article might definitely have helped you know all about the BMW 8 series and all the things you just know or consider before buying it.

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