Last Of Us 2 – 4 Million Copies in 3 DAYS!

Last Of Us 2

Is the last of us to shaping up to be the best performing exclusive of all time? So we know the Last of Us 2 got spoiled most of the main plot of the story went out there in the public .There are still debates going on to this day as to who leaked it with what intentions but it is still unsure and no one has the concrete knowledge on what’s going on other than the Sony,Naughty Dog and the person who leaked it themselves .Now we know the last of us want darned incredible sales .PlayStation 4 is by far Sony’s best console in that regard. it’s just make sense for this sequel to compare that success if not to do better. If we open up PlayStation 4 or best selling exclusives of all time we have at number one is Marvel’s spider-man .by the way this is for just specifically USA .we have Marvel’s spider-man being the best PlayStation 4 exclusive of all time. Number two God of War then in the third horizon zero dawn.Then at number 4 we have uncharted 4 .

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