What is a Black Hole and what are the properties of the black hole?

The black hole is nothing but a particular region in the space which has its gravitational force so strong that nothing can be saved from it. It can easily pull the particle and even electromagnetic radiation such as the light. The formation of the black hole is explained in the theory of general relativity, according …

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Google Lens

Google today said all Android clients can attempt Google Lens by means of the most recent rendition of Google Photos for Android. Google Lens is a picture acknowledgment work that depends on portable cameras to perform looks. Android proprietors can point their camera at pretty much anything and Google will right away play out an inquiry and propose comes about.  How does it work? For instance, clients can snap a dose of an old auto in the city and quickly pick up data about that auto and find where it may be accessible available to be purchased. This app can perceive protests, for example, blooms, vehicles, devices, business cards, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The instrument works inside the Google Photos versatile application. Google Photos is allowed to download from the Google Play Store.